MOB17014B H002 Wood Vega PP4

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Vega Wood

The world of business is changing every day. The challenges of integrating people and space have never been greater. Company footprints are shrinking. Space is being reconfigured more frequently to optimise occupancy and reflect the changing requirements of businesses.

Vega Wood addresses all of these issues offering a platform designed for the entire range of applications in today’s working environment.

It’s a comprehensive family of desking and benching. It’s a platform system that structures the whole office space, no matter what the demands are from the working environment, offering solutions that support both collaborative and individual work requirements.

It adapts to any company’s culture with its timeless elegant design. Oak legs as standard. Options include sliding top and height adjustable kits providing height adjustment from 730 to 810mm. Practical cable management is provided by easy access telescopic cable trays with substantial capacity to accommodate power and data modules, cables and plugs. Vega Wood is designed to accept all screen types on rigid frame mounted brackets.


Available end Q1 2018

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MOB17014B G004 Wood Vega PP1 4pMOB17014B G001 Wood Vega PP3MOB17014B F004 Wood Vega PP2010b v3 MOB16030 H002 Wood Vega 2p inc chairs inc PCs008 MOB16030 K003 Wood Vega round ARIA chairs013b v3 MOB16030 H002 Wood Vega 2p no chairs no PCsVega - Cable Tray
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