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The pinnacle of sustainable soft seating design, the Chameleon range represents a considerate approach to zoning in the workspace. Chameleon is more than just a soft seating range – it’s a family of products that can evolve and grow, be repaired economically or updated as needs arise.

  • Armadillo: Fully enclosed booth with roof
  • Hub: Traditonal booth with low or high sides
  • Cubby: Armchair, study pod and sofa with roof
  • Hobnob: Reassuringly chunky armchair and sofa with low or high sides
  • Bobby: Reconfigurable agile banquette seating

Chameleon provides open and enclosed spaces for working, meetings, presentations and socialising. Options for power and USB modules, lights and monitor brackets give you the flexibility to configure your third space to get the most from your user. Chameleon is designed with repairability at the forefront. Outer and inner panels are reversible using an allen key, giving the panel a second life in a high traffic area. The design is reconfigurable to adapt as the needs of the business changes, and it can be assembled quickly in tight access areas by two installers due to its modular construction.

Chameleon has been designed with the simplicity of that popular and enduring Danish plastic block toy: standardised modular elements allow for an almost infinite combination to create the configuration needed, easy repairability, and updating without the need to throw away much of the existing product.

Booths and sofas are available in 2, 4 and 6 person variants with open or closed back walls, and low/medium/high end panels to optimize privacy. Banquettes available from a single module up to infinite length seamless configurations.


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